I work with organisations, whether private, public or non-for-profit to retain, engage and develop their employees

I also assist employees develop their careers in line with the needs of the business. 

I provide workshop facilitation, coaching and training of employees, that include team leaders, managers and directors, that puts your business challenges at the heart of the development activity.

Leadership results from what you do, not what you know.  Rather than traditional classroom learning of leadership theories, I help you work through immediate business challenges and take the action needed to make progress.  So you develop your leadership capability at the same time as improving your business performance, maximising impact whilst minimising time out of the business

Their specific challenges are to:

  • Design and deliver effective, engaging and innovative talent, leadership & OD programmes
  • Support the development of the leadership team
  • Make an impact in a fast-moving organisation going through change
  • They also need to lead and develop the L&D team and work with other members of HR to deliver solutions that deliver improvements in performance

The Organisations who I work with

I generally work with organisations who are trying to drive through significant changes in their business and are finding that people issues are getting in the way.  Those people issues might include:

  • The leaders themselves.  They lack the self-awareness, the confidence or the skills to take the steps they need to take to be successful.
  • Getting the best out of their people.  They need to retain, engage and motivate their people individually and as teams to develop performance.  They may also need to manage underperformers and resolve conflict between employees.
  • Influencing others over whom they have no authority.  They may need to build relationships and work in partnership with others or they may need to develop their influencing skills so they can have an impact on the decisions and behaviours of their boss and other key stakeholders.

Are You Considering External Support?

Some of my recent work includes:

•Design and delivery of coaching programmes to help create empowerment within organisations.also design and delivery of training programmes in the Solution Focused approach for their internal coaches.
•Design and delivery of Mentoring Skills workshops.
•Coaching for a number of senior managers going through organisation restructures to help them manage their careers and position themselves most effectively for the future
• Coaching to help a director of a mid-sized organisation improve his performance, get the best out of his people and develop the business
•Facilitation of a series of team strategy and development workshops for a national charity.
  • Training of managers in the Solution Focused Process, so they can act as internal coaches.