How I have helped people and businesses
We are solution focused third sector and entrepreneur support consultants who specialise in:
  • Helping  and supporting armed services personnel transition back into civilian life.
  • Developing sustainable commercial revenues for charities and social enterprises.
  • Helping community companies make sustainable change in their communities.
  • Helping entrepreneurs to start, grow, or to exit their businesses.
  • Helping ex-armed services, and the emergency services to transition back into civilian life.
Recent projects include:
  • Helping  community radio to obtain sustainable funding.
  • Helping housing trust to build better relationships with sub-contractors.
  • Helping  individual to set-up business.
  • Helping  client to obtain employment.
  • Helping client to  recruit several staff over a period of time
  • Helping  SME to obtain funding.
  • Helping  client  to regain confidence and work  after a period of redundancy
We are happy to help people, especially people who help other people!
We provide flexible support that is specific to our clients’ needs so you only pay for what you need. Also, if you are a third sector organisation, there are many opportunities to find funding that will pay for our support, particularly if we are building capability or developing sustainability for your organisation.
If you are interested in finding out about how PathwayTo Solutions  support can help you make a difference for yourself or for your clients, please call +44 1913758236 today to arrange a useful conversation.