How do you manage change in your organisation?

Is it through analysing what went wrong, or is it that you look at your successes and strengths?  

Are you in a quandary then look no further?

Pathway to Solutions helps the client to recognise and realise that they have the potential to create the outcome they want when going through a period of change.

We use the Solution Focused Approach,  for managing change within an organization.

How does the  Solution Focused process work?

The Solution Focused approach works,  by drawing upon the resources and strengths of the organisation,  to use what already works,  on what you are already doing.

Solution Focus is an approach that:

  • Finds out what doesn’t work and does something different.
  • Finds and uses existing resources.
  • Builds on existing successes.
  • Takes great care to simplify issues as far as possible, but no simpler.

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