Solution Focused Practice

Solution Focused Practice is a set of conversational tools that works. Whenever you are stuck, SFP helps people to make progress in ways that are manageable and deliverable, and the outcomes achieved can be fantastic.

We bring our SF skills to every conversation, from the first cup of coffee to the final project review meeting.

The simple way to describe SFP is to imagine you have a problem that is stopping you from making progress. This applies in individual and group situations, and sometimes these barriers seem insurmountable. With SFP, we will help you to explore how things would be different if the barriers were not there, and what you and others would notice in particular. Exploring this desired future, and then seeing if any of that is happening now, helps you to start to make progress as whatever is working now that is part of your desired future can be built upon. The next stage is to work out some small steps that you can take that will help you make progress. Every mountain is climbed one step at a time – and we provide the map and compass.

On the surface, SFP looks really simple. Applying it effectively is not easy.

As well as using SFP ourselves, we also train and support our clients so that they can embed SFP in their organisations with long lasting and sustainable benefits.

There is a huge library of reading matter and academic research about SFP and we can provide links and resources should you find this helpful. We are also connected to many of the best SF practitioners around the world, so whatever and wherever your need, we can help or we know someone who can.