Owen is a leader in Solution Focused practices in organizations. He has helped a number of organizations focus on solutions by asking better questions so that they can re-frame problems into solutions. He notes that his clients are the resource for change.


A Solution Focus Challenge

A former Non Commissioned Officer in Britain’s Royal Air Force, Independent Financial Adviser and Careers Adviser.  He has been co -creating solutions for many of those years.  

The finding of the Solutions Focus approach has really added to his passion in assisting clients focus on successful outcomes for their customers and stakeholders. He believes that organizational productivity increases can comes not so much from technology, but that people are a much greater source of opportunity in organizational effectiveness, and that ROI comes from people who can collaborate cross-functionally on solutions for the customer.

Owen was first trained in Solution Focus in 2010 at The Solution Focus and has been applying it in areas of strategic planning, customer experience, stakeholder consultation, organizational development and many other areas.

Owen also has ties to the voluntary sector where he uses , his facilitation, coaching and mentoring skill to great effect.