What I Do

What is facilitation?
Facilitation is a powerful process for helping a group increase its effectiveness and improve how the team works.  It can include aspects of  communication,  with each other, problem solving  their decision making processes, knowledge sharing,  and how they collaborate
I  also work with leaders in organisations to provide facilitation for strategy workshops, team meetings, action learning sets and peer coaching groups.

How do I facilitate the workshops?

Facilitation is about taking  the role of a neutral third party who has no decision-making authority.  
My purpose is to manage the process so that I can help you as a group engage in productive conversation and decision-making.

Through the use of open questions and structured activities, facilitation  helps you:

  • Define the change that’s needed and what you need to get right in making that change happen;
  • Identify the key stakeholders who will determine your success;
  • Consider how each relevant stakeholder group will benefit from progress and change;
  • Define what success looks like for yourselves and for each of the stakeholders who judges your success;
  • Tap into what you know already about how to create the change you want to create;
  • Recognise, identify and appreciate the resources you have available to you both inside the team and elsewhere in the organisation;
  • Uncover strengths and possibilities that you did not know – or had forgotten – you had;
  • Determine your short-term priorities and goals;
  • Identify immediate steps and actions to trigger change and make progress.


What can you expect?

  • A client-led partnership that can help you to find fitting outcomes.
  • A direct approach to deliver faster results (lower costs).
  • People can use this approach  and it provides more sustainable outcomes.
  • It is action oriented to offer the best prospect of implementation.
  • We will draw out your resources skills and know-how, success stories and ideas for action.
  • We will make the most of what  you are already doing. You are already in motion and SF helps you focus and accelerate towards your goals.


Why use me?


I have facilitated workshops and meetings for groups as small as 4 and as large as 40 with a variety of aims and objectives.  Specific requirements for facilitation have included strategic planning, launching change programmes, improving communication and decision-making and forming a new team.