Owen and I worked together at London Life and I have a lot of confidence in Owen’s business development skills and integrity.” Nov 2020

“I have known Owen for a while now and would very much like to recommend him as both a friend and colleague. As well as having a genuinely lovely character, he is very thorough in his approach and helps wherever he can – He really does enjoy helping people and he really does go the extra miles for colleagues, family and friends. I have found him to be completely ethical, reliable and trustworthy in my dealings with him, which in my book counts for a lot in business. Owen is prepared to work hard, and continually develops himself and new areas of his business. He is a deep thinker and can be relied upon to figure his way around problems. He’s great to have on the team! So if you are looking for a solutions-focused professional, then contact Owen as I am sure he would be more than happy to help.” July 26, 2020
Owen is a lateral thinker, who through the medium of ‘solutions focus’ can combine the best of structured and off the wall thinking, allowing you to look at where you want to be and showing you how to get there. He is also a thoroughly decent human being.” Jan 26, 2020

“I’d like to recommend Owen for his skills & expertise in coaching & focussed solution approach to helping others. Recent experience has shown that Owen is able to take a personal but professional approach to dealing with helping others to allow them to understand & develop solutions to problems or issues. Owen has developed a high level of knowledge on the subject matter and is continually seeking opportunities to build on this knowledge through research and practice. A great listener and provider of ideas to develop my own coaching skills both in personal & business situations.” Dec 2020