Change Management And Employee Engagement

Seminar Update

Change Management and Employee Engagement Seminar

You are cordially invited to our first seminar of the year.
The seminar is being co-hosted by Pathway to Solutions, Changing Directions Associates Ltd and Peninsula Business Services This seminar is a Free Event.
The seminar is to be held on 18 March at Peninsula Business Services HQ in Manchester
The topics will include:
  • Change Management.
  • Employee Engagement.
  • Changes to employees rights that came into  force in 2015 .
In  today’s  tough  economic  circumstances,  organisations  are  seeking  competitive advantage through the best use of their people more than ever before. We know that people are the key to business success.And  we’re  familiar with the research that shows that engaging and enabling employees boosts performance by 15-30%.
We’re  going through unprecedented change. Organisations are under increasing pressure to do more with less which has led to flatter organisations, expanding roles, increased workloads and huge amounts of doubt over the future. And all of that feels hugely punishing to employees.
Therefore, the biggest challenge facing today’s organisations is to raise performance by bringing the best out of people. This means retaining talent and engaging your staff in uncertain times through constructive conversations. With people under pressure to deliver, every conversation counts.
Come and see how to create strategies that will help with  employee engagement and retention of staff that will give you the extra edge in  performance in today’s market place.
In addition you are welcome to bring a  guest.
Yvonne and Owen
Please go to this link where you will find an attached PDF  letter   with the instructions for attending this seminar are at the bottom of the letter.