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Change Management and Employee Engagement Seminar

With the date getting closer to our seminar on 18th March 2016. I thought I would post  a year old 2015 report by Deloitte. It is in pdf format,which you can access here..

Engagement, Retention, and Culture now the #1 Issues in Talent and HR

It highlights quite a number of areas but if you look at this area in particular it points to the worldwide concerns of organisational lack of leadership, culture and engagement.


If you search for the Culture and Engagement: The Naked Organisation then you will be able to get a good overview of  their findings. There is also CIPD papers on these topics published between 2010 and 2014, that have come to similar conclusions.


Our seminar is looking at these findings and giving you some ideas on remedies that you can utilise  to create  the environments that will increase  employee engagement   leading to increased productivity and employee retention.



Look forward to seeing you on the 18th March 2016.

Don’t forget to book your free place.


Yvonne and Owen


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