Pilot scheme

Pilot Scheme
I recently decided to restructure the Pilot Scheme.
If you’re  a small business and reading this maybe you are going through some change that requires some mentoring or coaching  support to assist you with seeking the goals and outcomes you want.

And you probably already know that  mentoring/coaching is the most effective route to getting results and building a sustainable business.


A good mentoring/ coaching programme  is based not only on delivering individual outcomes. It also delivers good organisational outcomes as well. Here  is just a couple of examples, mentoring can deal with.

  • Increased organisational effectiveness.
  • How things work in the organisation.

The plain advantage is personal and professional career development for the mentee and ultimately the organisation

The programme is a bespoke programme which is unique to your organisation will not only assist the individual, mentee, it will also provide reverse mentoring for the mentor.

So it is best to formally design and structure the process and used in a situational way, it will provide development, by making use of what is there.

By working with an experienced coach/ mentor  I assist you with finding a direct approach to seeking the outcomes you want and laser-focus in on the the things you need to be doing, Using strategies that’ll bring you the best results fast.


We’ll use   Skype and/or onsite sessions to discuss your most pressing issues and assist you with finding the potential outcomes, and help you get clear on where you want to go with your business and how to get there.  Alternatively, we could arrange an onsite visit. Either way sessions and fees need to be agreed with the client before sessions commence.


The main criteria for the mentoring sessions are particularly aimed primarily at small businesses.

1. Turnover over of at least £150,000
2. Have a maximum of 5 Staff
3. Located in the Greater Manchester area.
Coaching criteria is in consultation  with the client.

If you think you may require some help. please, contact me on +44(0)3333583550 or alternatively go to the contact page and fill in your details and I will contact you. usually within 24 hrs.



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